Veterans Ministry

Our Story

The mission of the Veteran’s Ministry is:

  • To share the heart of God.
  • To be God’s hands.
  • To encourage and support veterans completely with the word of God.
  • To support veterans with community services.

Through providing excellent service and establishing community relationships, the Veteran’s Ministry will accomplish our goals and bring glory to the name of God.

Ministry Components

The effectiveness of our Veteran’s Ministry is comprised of several biblical principles found within the following five components.


The design of this component is to help reinforce the understanding and importance of establishing a foundation of prayer and commitment to spiritual growth.


Through this component, we will provide our veterans and their families with medical and clinical information, resources and support and counseling services.


The function of this component is to assist veterans with attaining their highest potential through a continual process of development of one’s self-awareness.


The purpose of this component serves to assist veterans and their families with employment pursuits, community resources, and entrepreneurial support.


The goal of this component is to aid veterans and their families attain educational and trade skills through the provision of academic resources materials and networking with local institutions.

Frank Sessions047

Franklin & Curtisha Grant

Ministers Franklin and Curtisha Grant, leaders of our Veteran’s Ministry, have committed their lives in support of military individuals and families. With a passion for family and wholeness in Christ Jesus, and more than 20 years of marriage and military service, their seasoned leadership is a unique asset to The Potter’s House Fort Worth ministry team as they help build a community of men and women who dedicate their lives to serve our country, yet often leave their hearts and families at home.

They specialize in teaching others the value of forming an alliance on the home-front, as a family, and how to maintain faith in times of hopelessness and uncertainty. Through their faith and love of God, they have grown to discover the power of God and His principles of oneness in marriage found in God’s grace. As retired military personnel and spouse, as well as servants of the Kingdom of God, they find it their duty to provide the very same hope, healing and direction to the Armed Forces community and their families, helping them secure their hope in Jesus Christ, just as they have found in Him.

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