The Aleph Psalm 119:1-8

The first word in this text that begins with Aleph is the word “Blessed.” It is the word Ashar – which is the kind of blessing that happens as a result of our actions. So many times in life when hearing about blessing in the Bible our minds instantly may wonder to the idea of what God will do for us. We are at times always looking for a divine hand out. In one sense I understand that because we are ever dependent on God we look to Him for provision, grace, power, etc. Our dependence at times blinds us to the other blessing in the bible that has more to do with our actions that responds to the love of God. This text gives us things that we can do to bless ourselves.
1. BE SOUND – the word undefiled comes from the word that means being sound. It means perfected, lacking nothing – complete. In this text completeness or maturity, happens because of walking in the direction and instruction of the Lord. Maturity is connected to continuing, pacing and moving in faith in the word of God. It is connected to exercising it to be SOUND. Every week after a grueling workout I always feel great afterward. During the work and sometimes before the workout I don’t feel as good as what I feel after I have exercised. My brain releases endorphins that chemically makes me feel happier. It is the same when we exercise the word of God in prayer, practice, and presence. There is a feeling that you get after the exercise. But this is an exercise that does not stop. It continues every day.
The next word of blessing is
2. BE OBEDIENT – actually, this is what is meant by “keeping” His testimonies, or His charge. A charge is something that is given by someone in authority to someone under that authority. When the person who receives the charge does what is commanded then he/she is considered “keeping” or guarding the word. Our obedience protects the word of God in our hearts. This is why Jesus upon giving the parable of the soils in Matthew 13 states that the birds from the air came and ate up the seed that was sown by the wayside. The seed of God’s word can never be destroyed out of your life because it is incorruptible but it can be taken. Obedience protects the word that God gave us.
So we should exhibit the same blessing of SOUNDNESS and OBEDIENCE with the same expectation and faith that we have anticipating God’s blessing, Let’s make that a prayer. That God will help us exercise and obey His word today.
In fact, in our prayer and fasting time, let’s ask the Lord to assist us in being a sound and obedient person in 2019. The implications of doing this are great! It means we will hear his instructions when He speaks, we will be sensitive to His direction when He guides, and we will keep a grateful attitude with our praise.