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Welcome to Destiny Planet… where kids are shaping our planet for Jesus! At Destiny Planet we:

  1. Discover who Jesus is and the cool things He has for our lives…like our DESTINY
  2. Develop and work on our relationship with God; how to talk with Him, worship and how to use our gifts.
  3. Learn how to become a Planet Shaper and be the best leader God has called us to be!!




Destiny Planet is an exciting and passionate ministry that centers on kid’s ages 3-12 with the goal of shaping and developing healthy kids and families to discover Jesus and the Destiny He has for their lives.

We love kids!!!! We believe that every child is filled with purpose and possibilities and we have the responsibility to help them discover and develop it. We are blessed to be a small part of their BIG journey.

We raise Planet Shapers! We strive to cultivate an atmosphere where kids are; ENGAGED through; worship, interactive Bible lessons, fun and activities, EDUCATED how to have an authentic relationship with God, EXPOSED to a world beyond their zip code through International Missions and EMPOWERED to become the leader’s i.e. “Planet Shaper’s” God has called them to be.

Destiny Planet Online:

Destiny Planet and Orange Curriculum are bringing church to you. As you know we are embarking on uncharted waters with the recent impact of COVID-19. In response to the public health concerns and new regulations, we are moving kid's church online. It is our desire to move forward and provide our kids the same amazing worship experience and deliver God's Word so that we might continue to challenge and comfort them during this uncertain time.


We are providing Sunday lessons of both Word and Worship for Preschool and Elementary. These are fun and engaging lessons that will empower our kids. Just click on the content and activate church. Even though we are unable to gather together physically, please know you and your families are close to our hearts and in our prayers! Now click on the content and lets have some church...Destiny Planet style.

January Week 3



Upcoming Events


Discovery Zone – Ages 3-4 *

Development Zone – Ages 5-6 *

Launch Zone – Ages 7-12

Kidcheck will be open at 8:15 a.m.