This year we will again enter into a time of fasting and praying for the sake of growing closer to God and giving a portion of the end of our year to him. I believe next year will be a great year for us. I believe that just as Moses instructed the people to fast and sanctify themselves prior to receiving the Ten Commandments; that it is encumbered upon us to do the same because we will need to be clear and hear every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

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To take away the hate, anger and pain I have that stemmed from my divorce. After reading the book of Proverbs, it opened my eyes of who I once was and how I allowed what I went through to turn me into this person that I’m not.

I am writing on the prayer wall asking for you to pray for me. I am on my journey of becoming a registered nurse and I have a final tomorrow. I have been on my journey for about 5 years and I have failed once in school but I am doing it again. It reminds me of the sermon “conflicted yet called!” I know this is my calling despite the first failure and I am asking for wisdom and understanding and strength to make it through to the end. I have moved to Texas from Wisconsin start fresh with my 10 year old son by ourselves. I thank you for your continued motivation and prayers.

I am praying for God to show me what to do next, for a better income, and for more friends to be social with.

Prayer for my son DJ.  That God would turn his heart and behavior in the right direction.

Please pray my strength on this fast. For me to hear God’s plan and purpose for me. For my fellowship with God to be strengthened. For the salvation of my husband, my daughter and my mother. Healing of my body. Finally, to pass my Marriage and Family exam in 2019.

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