Empowering Today, Shaping Tomorrow

The mission of EduFest is to transform lives through the catalyst of education and resources. Every aspect of EduFest is directly aimed at influencing the quality of your life. Imparted information creates opportunity for innovation, it builds bridges to success and provides equity to all people; it is in the same spirit that we produce EduFest.

TCC - Trinity River Campus

300 Trinity Campus Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76102

October 5, 2024 

Edufest 1



EduFest is designed to help inspire, inform and impact lives through education.

EduFest will encourage you to tap into your GREATNESS!

EduFest runs on four tracks: Health & Wellness, Education, Technology, and Business

EduFest is For the Family!



Our vision is to impact our world today and future generations through the transformative power of knowledge and opportunity.




Credible visibility for generations while connecting your brand to other leading industries with in-person + online opportunities. 



EduFest needs the right fuel to function optimally. So why not volunteer for the opportunity to learn, grow, and positively impact the lives of many?




Your organization will have the opportunity to spread awareness and educate students and families on the world of education and technology,  which will influence future opportunities!