We are so excited that you took time to come check out the Worship & Fine Arts page here at Potter’s House Ft. Worth. We are looking forward to all God is doing in this season through Praise & Worship here and the path that Pastor Whitfield is leading us down. 

We believe that worship is an essential part of a person’s relationship with Jesus Christ and a major part of our worship services. We count it a privilege to be given the responsibility to lead our congregation each week into the presence of God. We also thank God for a place to come and worship in freedom regardless of stylistic background. 

Join the Team

As PHFT is moving forward in the ministry, the Worship Ministry is organized to meet those changes. We have two six-member praise teams that will rotate Sundays, as well as the Potter’s House Ft. Worth Choir that sings on 1st and 3rd Sundays. God has given us all the mandate to sing and worship him in spirit and in truth, but all have not been called to do it on the platform so we will interview and audition each applicant. 

The application/audition process is not intended to intimidate anyone, but instead to insure anyone is operating in the proper ministry gift. I pray that this will be a Spirit-driven process of prayer, encouragement, and discovery.

Please download the form below and fill it out in its entirety. Once you the form is complete please email it to tclifton@tdjakes.org